Prescriptive Marketing is a Boutique Consulting firm specializing in Niche Marketing.  One of our specialties is assisting Dentists to promote Sleep Apnea Awareness and Alternative Treatment Options using Oral Appliance Therapy.  Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliance Therapy can mean the difference in success and failure for a patients care when a C-PAP failure or unsuccessful result is keeping them from a restful night's sleep. 

Dentists have been using our Do You Hate Your C-PAP?® Marketing and Advertising Program across the country for years to fill their appointment books with non-compliant sleep apnea patients looking for an alternative treatment.

We recently launched a new program specifically for dentists, Online Reputation Management.  This niche product is designed to help keep you and your practice in the know about what is being said about you in cyber space.  See our section on Reputation Management for more details by clicking here.

You are probably wondering what we do differently from other ad agencies and marketing firms.  We use a blend of traditional and non-traditional advertising, marketing, public relations and social media that targets the patient.

This is what makes us different, we get results because we know how.


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Do You Hate Your C-Pap?®