Marketing Tips
Any good marketing or advertising firm can give you tips that will work to promote your practice.  But can they help you in marketing a niche product like oral appliance therapy? For years many dentists felt as thought the only way to get these patients was from referrals from sleep physicians.  This course of action got them 7 to 10 new patients a year.  Our program can get you 7 to 10 new patients a day.
  • We can
  • We do
  • We always get results.....................because we know how

So what makes us different? We speak to the patient in language and images they can relate to.  We don't use clinical terms or medical language that is difficult to say much less understand.  Our messages are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

  • We make your phones ring with quality patients who are seeking an alternative treatment to the C-PAP
  • We train you and your staff on how all patients can be "the right kind of patients" and knowing which ones will never be the right kind of patients
  • We make insurance a non-issue

Here are some things to keep in mind when marketing oral appliance therapy (OAT):

  1. Be consistent - make sure everyone in the office is on the same page and is saying the same thing.  If the person answering the phone doesn't know you offer OAT then they will not schedule evals if someone calls in because they spoke with the doctor, or the hygienist or saw an ad or saw it on your website.  One broken link and your OAT business is dead in the water until someone realizes it's broken.
  2. Tell Everyone - tell your existing clients with email, postcards and when you have them in your chair.  Put signs in the restrooms, checkout area, reception area and even on the door if it's glass.  Branding Begins at Home! If they don't know you sell it they won't buy it from you.
  3. Screen Everyone - Every butt in the chair should be screened for snoring and sleep apnea.  Whether they have been a patient for 10 years or if this is their first visit, give them an eval and have them fill out an Epworth.  If they are an existing patient and they've never filled out an Epworth then have them update their chart and make it a part of all new patient charts.  Many physicians don't have the time to spend with their patients to find out about these issues and just treat the immediate need.  Your eval could save a life.
  4. Be the 1st in your market to advertise - Advertising is expensive.............and necessary if you want to be known as the go to dentist for OAT.   More importantly, consistent advertising with the same message to own the niche is cruicial.  When I say toothpaste you think Crest, when I say car rental you think Hertz - they were the first to market and are the unconscious top of mind consumer aware "go to" company for those products.  You don't have to throw money around to make advertising work, you need to spend wisely and place properly.  You don't go to a podiatrist for a root canal so don't try to do your own marketing and advertising.  You may be an absolute expert but what do you do best - dentistry, otherwise you'd have a marketing and advertising business.
  5. Call Prescriptive Marketing Today - Our Do You Hate Your C-PAP?® marketing and advertising program gets results every time but you have to call us.  We only work with one dentist per city.  Are you going to own your market?  Call us today and we'll help you own it!  (337) 962-0947.