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Don't wait, first one to advertise in your city is the first one that potential patients are going to call.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive program to introduce, engage and interact with their local market and potential patient base.  More specifically we reach non-compliant C-PAP patients who may be good candidates for oral appliance therapy.

The Do You Hate Your C-PAP? ® Marketing and Advertising Program:

  • A comprehensive market and demographic profile of your city to determine the best possible and most cost effective places to get the message out;
  • A 12 month strategic marketing and advertising plan with best negotiated NET rates (we never charge commissions on any media negotiated or placed which saves you 15% up front on your advertising investment);
  • All marketing and advertising collateral are customized specifically for your practice with your information.  They are sized for each publication and sent to the publication camera ready as well as a copy being sent to you prior to placement for approval;
  • A Patient Education Seminar is a component that can be held in your city which will be part of the marketing and branding to get you a warm market base.  This will be planned with the help of your office staff but will be executed by Debbey Ryan, an oral appliance patient;

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Do You Hate Your C-Pap?®