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Prescriptive Marketing has been providing small and micro businesses marketing, advertising and public relations since 2004.

Founder and CEO, Debbey Ryan's biggest asset is her uncanny ability to fill your practice with patients! It's probably because she herself is an Oral Appliance Therapy Patient and speaks to the patient from their point of view. There is no better or more effective way of filling your chairs with prospective patients who want to purchase an Oral Appliance like The Moses or SomnoDent than by using her Do You Hate Your C-PAP Marketing Program.

How does she do it? Great question. After meeting with you about your goals, Debbey will organize and market a seminar in your area that focuses on patients who are non-compliant with their traditional C-PAP treatment for one reason or another. She leads the seminar with her personal story speaking directly to the patient from a patients perspective. Her patient education seminars can easily fill with over 100 potential patients who are looking for an alternative. She has a history of moving 90% of those patients into your front door.

She will also give you tools on how to market Sleep Dentistry to your future patients after the initial seminar.

"There is nobody who can bring business into your office like Debbey Ryan."
        Dr. Tony Soileau, Lafayette, LA

"Debbey is an expert at marketing. Her ads have been exceptional.  She is also very attentive to her clients needs and is always available to us.  She is one of the best at what she does, I giver her my highest rating."
        Dr. Ken Siegel, Bluebell, PA

Message from Debbey:
"I will do a comprehensive market survey of your area.  I, will then, negotiate the best pricing on all media that I'will recommend for you to advertise in - I never charge commissions on Media placed. I'll customize your advertising on the Oral Appliance Therapy you use for pre and post seminar branding. I will provide a 12 month marketing program recommendation on where to advertise for the next 12 months. 

"I have much more to offer, including an online lead generation program. Contact me today to see how I can be of service to you and your practice."

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Debbey Ryan

Jill Millet
Creative Director