Marketing for Oral Appliances

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is becoming more main stream.  Consumers are more aware of new, more comfortable and convenient therapies due to several things:

  1. Word of Mouth - When a family member, friend or coworker who has sleep apnea, is unhappy or non-compliant with C-PAP therapy and they find out about oral appliance therapy they tell everyone who will listen. Word of Mouth is the #1 most powerful form of advertising bar none.
  2. The Internet - Not only because of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the multitudes of search engines there are social networking sites.  Facebook out ranks Google in visits per day and people flock to facebook not only from their computers but from their smartphones.
  3. Choices - with OAT becoming more mainstream, more choices are being brought to market giving the doctor and consumer more choices
  4. The dentists that choose to work with us are typically the first ones in their market and we will work only with one dentist per geographic location.  The first one to market is the unconscious expert, just ask Hertz.  

Most dentists rely on referrals from Internists, Sleep MD's, Neurologists or other physicians.  Some even luck out with a few word of mouth referrals.  Many are unsure how to get the word out to the masses in the most effective way.  We have put together a tried and true program that gets results every time when implemented properly.

Understand, we are not telling sleep apnea patients to quit using their C-PAP machines - quite the opposite - we encourage them to wear their C-PAP - however, there are many who are claustrophobic, can't wear the mask for one reason or another, or have some issue with the C-PAP and refuse to wear it.  We are offering them an FDA Approved alternative treatment option because the bottom line is the patient needs treatment for their sleep apnea as it is a silent killer. 

Effective Treatment is the only goal for all health care providers - C-PAP or OAT - which one works best for your patient?